Last weekend I was attended to the WordCamp Europe 2014 in Sofia. It was a very impressive event and I felt honored to chat with a lot of well known people and had a great time with my friends.

My greatest experience was the Q & A with the co-founder of WordPress.

The inspiring talk and with a great answer fom Matt Mullenweg to my question about the role of women in the ecosystem of WordPress

Hear my question and his Answer from minute 47:00

More reactions:

Caspar Hübinger transcribed some questionmarks from the answer:

You shouted out ›We love women‹, but […] if you’re a woman how would that make you feel? […] We have to be conscious of even the things that we might say subconsciously. (applause) […] Even subconsciously we could say things that might make people feel more or less welcome. And so I think that for every single person in the room, if you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and also just think how do I help this other person feel more comfortable, that’s probably a great foundation that we then can build things on in the future.

Source: „We love women“

Helen Hou-Sandi wrote about this topic with own experiences:

Let’s be better. As an open source community, I do believe that the WordPress one is generally friendlier, more welcoming, and more diverse than many others. But we can’t rest on that – we need to keep being the best people we can be, and that includes taking a moment to think about the effects your words and actions might have on the people who are exposed to them.

Source: Unintentional destruction

And your opinions and experiences?

As a co-founder of WP Women D / A / CH I wanted to know, how do YOU feel as a woman in the WordPress ecosystem. Please share your experiences and opinions about this topic here in the comments.